Skies - a solo for Lara Guidetti

26 May at 9.30pm
Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

Age Rating | Ages 16 and over
Duration | 1H10.

Raptured by Bachae we also ended up raptured by the feminine and it’s manifestations of death and rebirth. For Lara Guidetti, João Garcia Miguel created a solo about the death and the rebirth of the Goddess that lives in each being. An approach to the Bacchae from the point of view of one who dances.

The Goddess that can inspire, liberate and awake, in men and women, that moves and manifests itself between four landscapes: Women, water, bird and sky. Lara Guidetti dances the metamorphose of the present Goddess, the body of a dancer that allows us access to the symbol, the transformative depth.

The centre of Euripides text is the interdiction of the body and it’s ill-timed powers of transposing the space and actuating fires. It is about the incendiary power of the body and the clarity of looking that sustains it that will be found in the investigation of this creative process.

From the original text | As Bacantes de Eurípedes

Director, Staging and Writing | João Garcia Miguel

Choreography and Performer | Lara Guidetti

Original Score | Rui Gato e Sara Ribeiro

Lighting Director | Luis Bombico, a partir de uma ideia de João Garcia Miguel

Sound Director | Manuel Chambel

Italian Producer | Fabio Ferretti

Executive Producer | Raquel Matos

Graphic Design, Photography and Video | Tyrone Ormsby

Communication | Alcina Monteiro

Cia. JGM is an organisation financed by | The Portuguese Government – DGArtes

Co-Production |Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras

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