Zigmund Follies

22 and 23 May at 9.30pm
Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

Age Rating | Ages 8 and over
Duration | 1h15

To his horror, a storyteller discovers that his left hand has been rummaging through his pocket and wallet, and opening his mail and his drawers. He tricks it by turning his coat over. Is his right hand an accomplice in all this? Is it a double agent?

An odyssey 2 fingers away from being a tragedy, at a pace set by 3 fingers to a fantastic score, interpreted by 20 fingers, 20 personalities and 20 dispositions, all thick as thieves. The tales told by Zigmund Follies are authentic. Only the spotlights have been changed to shed new light on this gloomy story.

Artistic Director | Philippe Genty

Comedians and puppeteers | Eric de Sarria, Philippe Richard

Lighting Design | Yannick Delval

Video | Claire-Marie Leroux

Sound | Jean-François Lasalle

Lighting | Emmanuel Laborde, Sylvain Buc

Sound technician | Sacha Moraes

Production | Philippe Genty, Eric de Sarria, Mary Underwood

Props | Sébastien Puech, Vincent Boisserolle

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