Puppet Talks

Puppet Talks: tradition and modernity

22, 23 and 30 May from 02H00 PM to 06H00 PM
31 May from 09H00 AM to 01H00 PM and from 02H00 PM to 06H00 PM

Colégio dos Leões Library - University of Évora, Évora

Open talks (open to Universities, high schools and the general public), the expert panels of which will be comprised of puppeteers, researchers and other professionals from the puppet world, focusing on the concept, place and role of puppets in modern-day society.The goal is to discuss puppets as cultural heritage (tangible and intangible), the preservation and conveyance of which includes putting on performances that help combine the idea of change with the process of preserving heritage, given that the performative dimension always involves interpretation which recreates the underlying tradition, tailored to the target audience.

3 short talks:


  • 22 May, from 2 to 6pm – Texts and other repertoires: register, rewriting and reinterpretation


  • 23 May, from 2 to 6pm– Puppets and their various forms: from physical to digital


  • 30 May, from 2 to 6pm–Forms of representation: passing on and preserving knowledge


1 long talk:

  • 31 May, from 9 to 1pm and from 2 to 6pm – Presentation of notifications in response to the Marioneta Contemporânea(Modern Puppets) call


Guests: Artists and Researchers

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