PIA - Projectos de Intervenção Artística [Portugal]
[Between Worlds]

1 June at 6pm
Urban Park

Age Rating | Ages 3 and over
Duration | 50 min.

“A dimension between the living and the dead, a space between purgatory and limbo, where a journey beings through an imaginary universe inspired by Death – one of the biggest questions Humanity has debated for millennia and which has led Man’s imagination to create parallel universes to unify the living around the same purpose and where the real and fictional become blurred, life’s certainties are left behind and similarities and differences are embraced.”

Focusing on the cultural traditions of Giants, “ENTREMUNDOS” is a Physical Theatre, Objects and Puppet Performance that includes large puppets and which, using construction and manipulation techniques, invites the audience to rediscover and relive perspectives, shapes and sizes through the eyes of a child.                                   

Production | PIA – Projectos de Intervenção Artística, CRL

Writer, Artistic Director and Plastic Art Concept | Pedro Leal

Production and Audiovisual Director | Helena Oliveira

Costumes | Maria João Domingues, Olinda Cordas, Filomena Godinho, Paulina Almeida

Animation and Plastic Arts Concept | Pedro Leal

Technical Team and Construction | Álvaro Presumido and Rui Rodrigues

Performers | Catarina Mota, Helena Oliveira, Luís Amarelo, Manuel Amarelo, Nuno Dores, Rui Rodrigues, Tiago Augusto

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