mireia izquierdo

Mireia Izquierdo [spain, the Netherlands ]
Eat me: ANA

25 May at 9.30pm
27 May at 10.30am
Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

Age Rating | Ages 14 and over
Duration | 50 min.

“Eat me: ANA” is the culmination of research conducted on the unhealthy influence of the canon of beauty on society. It looks at the root of the disassociation between the actress and her external image, forced upon her subliminally by the system and creating a fictional character depicting the perfect woman.

How does the canon of beauty influence the perception of our body? Do we allow this canon to determine who we really are? Who am I and who is the other person, the persona? At what point do we lose ourselves in the frivolity and superficiality of an image? How much pain must we endure to achieve this notion of success? Is this objectification of our body the result of our own alienation?

These are some of the questions the show attempts to answer in this confusing nightmare, depicting the consequences of searching for an identity in the imaginary, in a persona, in canon.

Concept | Mireia Izquierdo e Andrés Liévano

Text and Performer | Mireia Izquierdo

Visual Effects | Mark Bergwerff

Sound Design | Sergio S. Gómez

Photography and Graphic Design | Beatriz Fernández

Translation | Anas Sareen

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