Puppet Talks Puppet Talks: tradition and modernity 22, 23 and 30 May from 02H00 PM to 06H00 PM 31 May from 09H00 AM to 01H00 PM and from 02H00 PM to 06H00 PM Colégio dos Leões Library – University of Évora, Évora Open talks (open to Universities, high schools and the general public), the expert […]

12 years, lots of stories to tell

BOOK LAUNCH “12 anos, muitas histórias” [“12 years, lots of stories to tell”] 22 may – 09H00 pm Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Alma d’Arame was co-founded in 2006, in Montemor-o-Novo, by Amândio Anastácio, a man with a passion for puppets and a set designer, and Ildeberto Gama, both with the ambition of creating a unique and […]

5 fábulas para não adormecer

COMPANHIA CAÓTICA Companhia Caótica [Portugal]5 Fábulas para não adormecer de Caroline Bergeron[5 Not-So-Bedtime Stories about Caroline Bergeron] 22 and 23 May at 10.30amCine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Age Rating | Ages 3 and overDuration | 35 min. A wordless performance based on five of the seven deadly sins which, on the one hand, humorously criticises our obsession […]

O Peculiar Crime do Sr. Jacinto

COL.A Col.A [Portugal]O Peculiar Crime do Estranho Sr. Jacinto[The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay] Debuts on 22 May, at 9pm (runs until 2 June)Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Age Rating | All ages In a city where nature has been banned, a petty crime has been committed by a simple man which triggers a chain of […]

Zigmund Follies

PHILIPPE GENTY PHILIPPE GENTY [França]Zigmund Follies 22 and 23 May at 9.30pmCine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Age Rating | Ages 8 and overDuration | 1h15 To his horror, a storyteller discovers that his left hand has been rummaging through his pocket and wallet, and opening his mail and his drawers. He tricks it by turning his coat […]

An introduction to the world of Philippe Genty

WORKSHOP PHILIPPE GENTY Workshop with Eric de Sarria [france]24 May, from 10 to 1pm and from 3 to 6pmCine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Duration | 6h30Participants | Max. 12 participants but open to more viewers This workshop is for performers with experience in the performing arts and teachers of performing arts (dance, theatre, movement, mime, puppets,…). By […]

A Menina que rega a alfavaca e o Príncipe Perguntão

ERA UMA VEZ ERA UMA VEZ [Portugal] in co-production with Alma d’ArameA Menina que rega a alfavaca e o Príncipe Perguntão – ESTREIA[The Girl who waters the basil and the inquisitive Prince – DEBUT] 24 May at 9.30pm, Cine-teatro Curvo Semedo25 May at 4pm, Foros de Vale Figueira Cultural Centre1 June at 9.30pm, GUSS S. […]

Eat me: ANA

mireia izquierdo Mireia Izquierdo [spain, the Netherlands ]Eat me: ANA 25 May at 9.30pm27 May at 10.30amCine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Age Rating | Ages 14 and overDuration | 50 min. “Eat me: ANA” is the culmination of research conducted on the unhealthy influence of the canon of beauty on society. It looks at the root of […]

SKIES – A solo for Lara Guidetti

COMPANHIA JOão Garcia MIGUEL Skies – a solo for Lara Guidetti 26 May at 9.30pmCine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Age Rating | Ages 16 and overDuration | 1H10. Raptured by Bachae we also ended up raptured by the feminine and it’s manifestations of death and rebirth. For Lara Guidetti, João Garcia Miguel created a solo about the death […]

Paper Masks Workshop

WORKSHOP PIA – Projetos de Intervenção Artística [Portugal]“Paper Masks” Workshop 27 to 29 May, from 2 to 5pmEB2, 3 School, Montemor-o-Novo Age Rating | Pupils from the 2nd CycleDuration | 3 hours, 3 sessions Instructor | Pedro Leal In this world, Man has created magical, mystical, ritualistic and playful forms who, at night, hide behind […]