Companhia Caótica [Portugal]
5 Fábulas para não adormecer de Caroline Bergeron
[5 Not-So-Bedtime Stories about Caroline Bergeron]

22 and 23 May at 10.30am
Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo

Age Rating | Ages 3 and over
Duration | 35 min.

A wordless performance based on five of the seven deadly sins which, on the one hand, humorously criticises our obsession for power, money and competition and, on the other, turns the sins of gluttony and sloth into virtues.

Five tales for all ages to enjoy, in which we poke fun at who we are and leave the room embracing one another.

Concept and stage adaptation | Caroline Bergeron

Performers | Catarina Mota and Manuel Henriques

Set design, puppets and props | Catarina Mota and Manuel Henriques

Lighting design | Nuno Figueira

Curation and image transformation | Caroline Bergeron

Score | António-Pedro from de Maurice Ravel, de Johann Sebastian Bach and de Edvard Grieg

Production | Companhia Caótica

Co-production | LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões; Teatro Municipal do Porto and Teatro Virgínia – Torres Novas

Acknowledgements | Lua Cheia – Teatro para todos, Oeiras Municipal Council, Elisabete Passos, Catarina Santana

Support | Portuguese Ministry of Culture / DGARTES

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